VDO Oil Temp Gauge, 300F, Genuine Cockpit 310-012, 2'/52mm, Spin-loc, w/Harness 2/52mm

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  • Oil Temp gauge, 300F, VDO Genuine Cockpit 310-012, 2"/52mm, spin-loc, w/harness

Brand new genuine oil temp gauge. 2-/6” or 52mm mounting holes, using screw cap (Spin-loc) for easy mounting.. VOD standard ¼” blade connection. 20-300F (50-50C), input range 240-33 ohms. Flood lighting, , light bulb included. Red lighted pointer. Wiring: + connect to +2V (positive of battery) - (middle blade) connect to ground (negative of battery) S connect to sender's input lead. Sender's other lead should be connect to ground. Wire harness are included for easy wiring: red for 2V, black for ground, white for signal. It is not a retail packaged, only bulk package. Manual: www.intindustry.com/files/_minor_manual.pdf. Match sender: www.amazon.com/dp/B09N5JF

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Tony Arias
April 21, 2018
Love VDO gauges.

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