Thinsulate - 3 Pack Kids Girls Cute Fluffy Adjustable Foldable Winter Ear Muffs EM1)

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Product Description

  • 10% Acrylic
  • Hand Wash
  • 3 pairs of Thinsulate kids earmuffs! Keep your childrens ears cosy and warm on those cold days with these cute and effective earmuffs.
  • Available in 4 colour variations, in packs of 3. Receive one of each colour, and stay warm and fashionable this winter.
  • They can be folded into a ball for carrying when they are not being worn for ease of use.
  • Thinsulate 40 gram insulation means your childrens ears will be toasty warm, with the generated heat.
  • Super soft and cute faux fluffy earmuffs which look and feel great on your ears.

Children’s Thinsulate Earmuffs
Keep your ears cosy and warm with our children’s Thinsulate ear muffs. If you're looking for cute, warm ear muffs for excellent value then our range of kid’s ear muffs are the perfect selection for you.
This offer includes 3 pairs of earmuffs, in the colour code of your choice, they are available in 4 different colour variations.
These Thinsulate ear muffs are a pretty winter accessory to help your kids stay warm and looking as cute as ever. The soft faux helps keep ears insulated and whether you decide to wear a blue pair, a pink pair, or a black pair you’ll be happy with the cute outcome.
These ear muffs are made of 100% acrylic and are comprised into a unravelled ball so they are easy to carry if they are not being worn on the head. These ear muffs have a plastic band so we recommend that you wash them by hand.
Extra Product Details
* Children’s ear muffs
* Thinsulate
* 4 different colours / sets
* A pretty winter accessory
* 100% acrylic
* Hand washable

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