Leveret Striped Baby Boys Footed Pajamas Sleeper 100% Cotton Kids & Toddler Pjs (0 Months-5 Toddler)

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Color:Blue & Green

:0-3 Months


Product Description

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold inside out
  • For fire safety, These pajamas should fit snugly
  • Tagless Label to help protect baby's delicate skin
  • Machine Wash Cold, Inside Out
  • Hassle free packaging
  • Made in China

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May 29, 2015
We have one year old twins and these are the best pajamas they own. Fit perfectly - not too tight, not too baggy. Nice lightweight stretchy material. Most of their other pajamas are fleece and they are fine at night but during the day they are too warm and too baggy so they are tripping over their own feet. These stay in place better and look great.
June 23, 2016
I have 6 boys, the youngest of which are 10-month-old twins. With all of my boys, I've bought Gerber footies until they grow out of their sizes and then move to onesies and pants, but since one of my twins has severe eczema on his ankles, wrists, and one cheek I have to keep him in footies or he'll scratch himself raw.

Initially, I ordered one pair of these in 12-18 months and one pair of children's place footed sleepers in 9-12 months for my twins (I ordered the smaller size from children's place as ones we've owned in the past have always run large). These were the clear winners. We love 'em so much I came back and ordered 4 more pairs. So, now we own red/gray, lt. gray/dk. gray, chocolate/blue, blue/green, and blue/navy.

Fresh out of the dryer, they fit just a smidge large, mostly around the middle (I have absurdly skinny babies); after a few hours of wear and crawling they do tend to stretch some lengthwise, so sometimes their feet end up in the legs, but that won't be a problem after the next growth spurt. The arms aren't super tight so I don't have to fight to get their hands through the sleeves, which is a nice change. I can see these easily fitting until they're 13-15 months, I don't know about 18 months, but we'll see.

The next point I want to mention really only applies if, like mine, your little one has eczema or something similar on their ankles: unlike many footed jammies these do not have a seam or elastic that runs across the top of the ankle, instead it's lower down across the top of the foot. This is fantastic because it means there isn't a seam rubbing and aggravating his dry, itchy skin.

The fabric is super soft, they wash up easily, even by hand, and so far have been totally stain resistant; even carrots pureed haven't left a mark, the colors don't bleed, and even after weeks of being crawled in I'm not seeing any discoloration or wearing on the knees and elbows. Both twins tend to army crawl rather than hands-and-knees crawl, so they often put holes in the toes of their footies, but these have held up beautifully in that regard as well.

I can't recommend them enough, honestly. My 2 and 4-year-olds found out they come in sizes up to 5, and now they're demanding comfy stripes too, so they can match the twins.
A. Brown
February 2, 2017
These pajamas definitely run small, even smaller than what is normal for footed pajamas. My 2.5yo wears 2T pants comfortably, wears 3T footed pajamas in other brands (esp. Carters), but we just sized up to 4T in the Leveret footed pajamas. And the fit is weird for these, especially the feet. The feet are just really small on these. He wears an 8 toddler shoe, but the 4T foot is not too big on him. Generally, we size up when the neckline of his jammies starts to pull downwards, but on these we have plenty of stretch there while the arms and feet were too short.
Other than sizing issues, I am pleased with the Leveret jammies. They are well made to survive months of wash & wear, and I like the cotton feel of the fabric (versus the cheaper poly that is common with other brands).
I also love the plain stripes! For some reason the colorways are split between girl and boy even though there are no sizing or style differences, but some of the colors are really gender neutral so I felt free to buy some of each for my little boy. He looked so cute in the purple/gray and purple/pink jammies!
August 30, 2014
We love these pajamas for our ten month old son. They are 100% cotton, fit snugly, and look great. Our son is average weight, but 80th percentile in length. The 12-18 month size fit him perfectly.
Diana Gilbert
September 26, 2016
I bought 4 Leveret pajamas at the same time and am generally happy with them. The 12-18 month size fits my large 8-month old well. I got 2 fleece and 2 cotton for different temps, and like both.

That said, the quality of one of the cotton sleepers is really poor. My baby does nothing but sleep in these, and inside a sleep sack, so I was very surprised to notice a hole develop in the fabric of one leg after having them for less than a month (maybe 5 wears/washes, if that). But I figured it was our fault somehow. Then today I noticed two additional holes in the same leg and the beginning of a third. I came to Amazon to try to return them but I am past the return window by 3 days and cannot find a U.S.-based Leveret customer service number anywhere. Sigh.
E. Klaus
February 1, 2017
Our son is 21 months old, 99th percentile for height and 30 pounds.
Many clothing items don't fit as expected with his size.
The 3T size from Leveret fits perfectly and is beautiful quality. We love this item. It is on the go-to list along with Carters.

Update: at 28 months, still 100th percentile and ~34 pounds the 4T size is fitting very well (these do shrink if wash them a lot and wash/dry hot) I still think he seems the most comfortable and truly happy in these pajamas.

In all honesty i prefer Leveret over Carters and all other brands now. Very nice cotton and a beautiful fit.
Carters is very also very nice but i like the consistency of fits and styles in the Leveret brand.
Our son wears Leveret in some shape or form every day and every night.
October 29, 2016
I wanted to buy my infant and toddler matching pajamas and stumbled across these. The fabric is a lot stronger than I expected. It's quite thin but keeps them warm. The quality is fantastic. I will be ordering more in different colors.
L Montgomery
December 5, 2017
How have I never known about this company before? This little footsie is great, I love onesies that I have is. Buttons are the devils work. Plus the fabric is wonderful and soft and very stretchy which is my number one criteria for pajamas. And the fabric is really stretchy it tends to wear a lot better plus itu2019s more comfortable for the little one. The fabric on this particular print with the stripes is super cute too. I will be buying from this company again

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